Here is our portfolio of completed home automation jobs made by Automated Door Systems recently. Visit this page regularly or follow us through one of our social media channels to see the very latest installations.

Retro Conversion of an Entrance Fire Door

Internal view of entrance fire door after heavy duty swing door opener has been fitted

Project Description

Location: South London
Year Completed: 2019
Value: £3,200.00

Retro conversion of an existing flat entrance fire door.

A local authority instructed us to find a door entrance solution for a disabled resident, so that he could enter and exit his property with ease. The existing entrance door is very heavy as it is a fire door. The door can now be operated via hand-held remote control and internal wall switch. A 48-month maintenance agreement was purchased to commence after expiry of the 12 month warranty, to ensure continued operation of equipment.

Made To Measure Actuator Box

Outside view of entrance door after external swing door opener has been fitted

Project Description

Location: Derbyshire
Year Completed: 2019
Value: £2,900.00

This was an unusual project to retro fit a swing door opener to the outside of the property, instead of the inside. We also had to construct a made to measure housing unit to protect the electrical parts of the actuator.

Now the entrance door will open and close automatically whenever the user approaches the door in his wheelchair that is fitted with a sensor key.