Overhead Opener

Standard Swing Overhead Opener

The standard energy efficient door operator especially made to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA). It has superior advanced technology designed for silent movement and durability. It is a high performance opener suitable for continual use.


  • Differentiates between Push & Go and Disabled Access.
  • Auto time adjust for heavy traffic.
  • Spring will close door in power failure.
  • Emergency override will open door in all conditions.
  • Quiet during operation.
  • Mode 1: Power open & spring close.
  • Mode 2: Power open & power close.

Heavy Duty Swing Overhead Operator

The heavy duty energy efficient door operator is a truly innovative design. It is safe, sensitive, silent and reliable. This automatic low energy operator makes this particularly suitable for high volume traffic areas such as communal, residential, hospitals, nursing homes and various public buildings. It also has the built in technology to install a full range of safety sensors if required. This also achieves compliance with the DDA.


  • Door stand open.
  • One or two way traffic
  • Manual open by hand.
  • Spring Will Close Door In Power Failure.
  • Push and go (automatic opening by pushing).
  • Synchronisation of two operators.
  • Cyclic opening & closing.