Smart Phone / Tablet Control



The Somfy TaHoma home automation system can be attached to any standard wireless router with broadband access.  Have instant control of your lighting, electrical and heating devices, anywhere in the world that you have an internet signal!

Use your imagination to create all kinds of sequences: one which automatically switches off downstairs lights and sockets once you have gone to bed or perhaps one that then ensures everything is put into sleep mode when you leave for work. Whilst in your office, use your Smartphone or tablet to turn on the heating, or turn your hall lights on for extra security at night.

The Somfy TaHoma allows you to centralise control of your home’s automated features. Compatible with expert partners and more than a 100 different Somfy products, this smart home system lets you open your blinds, switch on your lighting or operate your garage doors all from your PC, or using the Somfy TaHoma app on your smartphone.

TaHoma works with;

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Danfoss radiator valves
  • Google Assistant
  • Hitachi Air-conditioning
  • Philips Hue
  • Sonos
  • Velux

Not only does TaHoma deliver total comfort and control, it also offers energy saving benefits, such as sun sensors that can automatically adjust your blinds or shutters that close keeping your home cool in summer. TaHoma keeps in touch with you by email alert so that you can remotely adjust your home automation feature any time of the day.

Benefits of Somfy TaHoma

  • Intuitive and easy to set up
  • Control your home from any location with the TaHoma® interface
  • Customised and create the perfect smart home
  • Compatible with any new build or renovation
  • Install without major structural work done to your home
  • Can be upgraded with new devices whenever you want

Timers allow you to set any devices to automatically come on, on a regular or one-off basis. A useful feature as, for example, you could set your lights to come on and off to simulate occupancy if you are on holiday using a ‘random’ function for a more realistic simulation. The Somfy TaHoma even knows when dawn and dusk is so you can set your outdoor lights to come on automatically when it goes dark!


Somfy TaHoma Brochure