Electric Curtain Tracks

  • “Plug & Play” solution
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries or mains
  • Smooth and quiet movement of runners and motor
  • Range of operating options available
  • Available in any length, up to 6 metres
  • Suitable for curtains weighing up to 45 kg
  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting
  • Centre closure or opening to one side
  • Motor mounted on left or right side
  • Adjustable or automatic end stops
  • Simple and effortless operation
  • Protect your curtain fabric with no touch
  • Soft stop and soft start to protect the fabric
  • Discreet integration, in harmony with interior design
  • Ceiling bracket design minimises light gap
  • Hidden cables
  • Adjustable limits
  • 3 year warranty


ADS are specialist suppliers and installers of electric curtain tracks that can be easily integrated with all types of curtains (i.e. traditional, wave or pleat). A powered curtain track is the perfect solution for hard to reach or heavy curtains. At the touch of a button you can filter natural light into your home precisely.

Efficient, high-precision motors extend the life of curtains, protecting them from damage and keeping them perfectly aligned to create an elegant ambience, in perfect harmony with your interior. Behind the curtain the motor is neatly concealed. Tracks are available in any length up to 6 metres. The rail can support curtains weighing up to 45 kg.

Thanks to the wireless motorised system, no costly power connection is necessary. The motorised curtain track allows curtains to open and close perfectly via the high quality built-in rechargeable battery. The system has been been developed to guarantee simple, effortless and quiet operation that allows curtains to open and close discreetly.

Smart curtains

Motorised curtain tracks allow you to easily control all your curtains in many ways. Options include multi-channel remote control, wireless wall switch, smart phone, tablet or PC. Any smart home can be integrated with these electric controlled curtains. Save your favourite curtain position and easily adjust your curtains at the touch of a button. You can also avoid prying eyes by setting your curtains to open and close automatically at certain times pf the day, providing additional comfort. This also simulates presence in the house when you are not at home, increasing protection against burglary.

You also have the option to connect a sun sensor to the motorised curtains tracks to automatically protect your furniture against UV damage. This feature also increases privacy and helps maintain a comfortable temperature within the room.



Motorised Drapery brochure

Curtain Track Measuring Template – Inside

Curtain Track Measuring Template – Outside