Electric Awnings

  • Full cassette casing
  • Up to 14 metre wide x 3.75 metre outward projection
  • Manual or Motorised operation
  • Optional wind and light sensors
  • Optional LED lighting & infra-red heating
  • 100’s of hardware & fabric colours
  • Standard and bespoke mounting brackets
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Fully manufactured in the UK to minimise carbon footprint


Awnings are a great way of enjoying the outdoors, whilst being sheltered from the rain or sunshine. ADS are able to supply and install a full range of practical and stylish retractable awnings for patios. An awning provides the ultimate alfresco living space.

Blocking the sun’s heat, electric patio awnings can keep you cool on even the hottest of summer days. Damaging ultraviolet rays are blocked, whilst bright light is filtered to eliminate glare. Awnings can also offer shelter from unexpected rain showers. When combined with optional LED under awning lighting and instant infra-red heating, you can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere to enjoy all year round.

Extend your living space outside

ADS automated awnings are designed for every application, requirement and budget. Extend your living space outside with full protection from the elements. With the ability to design and build bespoke brackets, various mounting applications are possible.

Awnings are provided with an unobtrusive full cassette casing design that appears an integrated part of the building façade, neatly concealing the awning when retracted. Concealed fixing brackets and screwless ALU end plates elegantly finish off the awning, whilst optional LED lighting can be built onto the underside of the cassette.

Motorised awnings

ADS awnings can be operated to open and close manually or automatically. Electric awnings are the most common awning type on the market, thanks to their effortless convenience. A sealed tubular motor is built within the rollertube of the awning and can be fitted with either a 3-pin plug and plugged into a standard domestic socket or wired into a fuse spur.

The motor contains a built-in radio receiver that’s operated by either a handheld remote control or wire-free wall switch. The receiver has a typical range of 200 metres in open space or 20 metres through two reinforced concrete walls.

Along with remote control or wall switch operation, the motor can also be operated via a phone app in conjunction with a smart hub plugged into the home broadband router. This means that wherever you are in the country or world, you can easily open or close your awning. Additional functionality included within the app includes scheduling (a timer function). You can have your awning open or close at a pre-determined time of the day, each day of the week.

A range of sensors can also be integrated to the awning motor configuration – the most common and recommended being a wind sensor. The sensor detects the wind speed that the awning is subjected to and automatically retracts in case of high winds. This will reduce the chance of damage to both the awning and your property.

Patio awning benefits

  • Natural Cooling: Excess heat is blocked ensuring the terrace and adjoining internal room remains cool
  • Sun Safe: Up to 99% UV block ensures you can enjoy the sun safely, along with preventing furnishings from fading
  • Anti-Glare: Bright light is diffused, eliminating glare to the covered outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Shelter: Creates additional privacy along with protection from rain showers

Awning options

  • Ambient Evening Lighting: A strip of warm white dimmable LEDs incorporated into the underside of the cassette casing provides ambient evening lighting, even when the awning is closed
  • Instant Heating: Infra-red ultra-low glare radiant heaters mounted beneath the awning provide instant warmth
  • Light & Wind Sensors: Sensors detect ambient conditions, automatically extending the awning when a set light level is reached and automatically retracting it when strong winds pose a danger