Home Automation Systems

Home automation is the control of anything in the home that has an electrical supply. Many of these appliances are able to connect to the internet, turning your household devices into a smart home. Ultimately, it is about making life in the home and garden easier and safer. By automating appliances this provides improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. A smart home that is fully automated is especially beneficial to wheelchair users and elderly wishing to live an independent life.

An automated home can provide a significant increased quality of life for elderly and people with restricted mobility who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care. The popularity of home automation has greatly increased in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity.

Below you will find a selection of home automation solutions for both inside and outside of your property.

Automatic electric awnings are ideal for patio areas


Remote controlled window opener allows ventilation, at a touch of a button, for those inaccessible areas…

Integral blinds cut away view

Integral Blinds

Screenline motorised and manual Venetian blinds fitted into double glazed units…

Automatic Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks

Any track length required Operation You can choose between hardwired wall switch, wireless wall switch or remote control.

Even young children can easily operate automated blinds by remote control

Automated Blinds

Having a motorised blind fitted will add privacy to your room and will make your home more comfortable.

Use the Lightwave app to monitor how much energy you are using


Lightwave systems feature three easy and convenient ways you can control heating, lighting and power…

Somfy TaHoma

Smart Phone/Tablet Control

The Somfy TaHoma allows you to control any electrical product via a smartphone, iPod…

The first step to automating your home in 4 steps

Step 1 - Press the Remote to open door

Entrance door opened by key fob

The remote key fob has been designed by occupational therapists and specialists. Choose between key fob, wrist strap or neck strap.

Our key fobs come in a range of designs to suite the individual, offering simple user authentication and access control. Convenient communication via RF transmission which removes the need for physical keys or contact and proximity cards.

These elegant key fobs offer standard low-cost security and access control with simplicity and flexibility.

We can offer multi channel fobs which allow long range RF communication connectivity for numerous access control and smart-home applications.

They can simultaneously activate up to 4 independent door locks and/or devices (via compatible multi-channel receivers).