Here are some photographs we have taken showing a selection of completed installations that we have carried out recently.

Motorised Awnings

This photo gallery shows a recently completed awning that mechanically opens and closes. ADS supplied and fitted all of the hardware involved.

Solar Powered Window Actuators

Retro fitted to existing windows. Before and after photographs.

Retro Fitted Door Conversions

Before and after installations of automated doors.

Retro Door Conversion: Job 1

This is slightly different from our usual installs as there was no internal headroom so the overhead operator has been mounted externally in a bespoke, weatherproof, aluminium housing.

Retro Door Conversion: Job 2

Retro Door Conversion: Job 3

Retro Door Conversion: Job 4

Retro Door Conversion: Job 5

Retro Door Conversion: Job 6

Retro Door Conversion: Job 7

Retro Door Conversion: Job 8

New Automatic Door Solutions

Before and after installations of automated doors.

Patio Door Conversion

We receive a lot of enquiries regarding the automation of patio doors – something we are not able to automate. In this case we often suggest replacing them with a hinged door and side panel as we’ve done on this job.

Automatic Door Install: Job 1

Automatic Door Install: Job 2

Automatic Door Install: Job 3

Automatic Door Install: Job 4

Automatic Door Install: Job 5

Automatic Door Install: Job 6

Automatic Door Install: Job 7

Automatic Door Install: Job 8



Other Completed Jobs

Here are some other installations including an electric swing gate opener, automatic door opener for a disabled toilet, automated sliding door system and a motorised sky light window opener.