Wheelchair Access System

True ‘hands-free’ access can be costly and requires extremely accurate installation, which often results in a compromise in system performance.



Wheelchair Access System is both highly cost effective and designed to meet customer’s expectations by facilitating a real hands-free experience. Primarily designed for non-ambulant and disabled users Wheelchair Access System lends itself to countless access possibilities.

Internal Exit Device

How it Works?

Internal exit device comes in two parts, one part is fitted on a flat service like a wall and the other part is fitted on the wheelchair. Soon as both infrared components make a beam (up to 2 metres away) the door will open. Once the beam is broken the door will close again.

FT25B transmitterPlease note this is an internal door and exit system only.

Key Features

  • Beam is picked up from up 2m away
  • Operates using Infrared sensors
  • Patented antenna technology

External Entrance Device

How It Works?

The external entrance device works using a UHF reader and UHF tags. A person wearing a UHF tag on a lanyard can automatically be identified by an UHF reader without the need to present the tag up to 2m away. This entrance device works perfect for hands free operation and security

Dual beam infrared detectors for external useThe built-in high intensity LED provided the user with visual feedback that the tag has been read and authorised.

Key Features

  • Consistent reading at up to 2m
  • Operates with passive
  • Patented antenna technology
  • Small slim line mullion-mount design

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