GSM Systems

Comelit all metal construction with a stainless steel facia. Attractive neon blue illumination on nameplate and keypad buttons.

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Built in keypad code lock for coded access as a secondary access option. Unlimited range wire free GSM intercom using GSM module. Speech panel and separate IP65 enclosure to safely house GSM module at the back of pillar.

Relay outputs to control most door locks and gate automation systems (volt free). Rings up to 3 numbers in sequence. Open gate or door by pressing * key on handset. Works with mobile phones and land lines. Complete with 12v power supply.

1 x Telematics
The GSM Key can activate your door or any other electrical devices with a call from one of up to 250 authorised mobile phones. The call is free because the GSM Key does not answer it, but responds to its unique Caller ID before rejecting it. This makes it both secure and foolproof. What’s more, you can use the GSM Key to switch a second device on and off simply by sending it a text message.

So doors, windows, blinds, alarms, driveway gates, lights, heating, security shutters and more electrical devices of your choice are now controllable from wherever you and your mobile happen to be. But with the GSM Key you get more than one way control, as it can also monitor two electrical circuits such as burglar or smoke alarms. The GSM Key will text you if your alarm is triggered, and can progressively call up to 8 phone numbers. A truly intelligent addition to your home or business.

How the GSM system works

Call the GSM Key from your phone. It checks your caller ID and as you are authorised the GSM Key triggers your door to open. Alternatively, you can send a text message to the GSM Key to Open /Close the door or operate any other electrical equipment.