Environmental Control Systems for the home

The Pronto universal touch screen remote control is the first remote that can fully replace all remotes in the home.

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The Philips Pronto TSU9800 is a new class of programmable touch screen remote control for intuitive operation. Today, the concept has evolved into an integrated control solution for conventional home theatre, multimedia content and lighting. With a combination of infra-red control and WiFi® wireless control, Pronto provides true multi-room control.

The touch screen LCD display, together with a flexible PC software program, enables the user to fully integrate, all their infra-red enabling devices into one control panel. Size and labels of buttons can be adapted and codes can be learned from other remotes, creating a single remote that can control any device, regardless of brand.

Sensational design and a breathtaking colour display give the new Pronto remote control instant appeal. The smooth top and flush display is backed by an ergonomic ‘soft feel’ grip with a stylish metallic finish. Its docking station/charger emits a subtle white glow and during charging a red indicator that reflects on the tabletop.

Smart Phone Tablet Remote Control Unit

The Wifi-Link attaches to any standard wireless router with broadband access and allows you instant control of your lighting, electrical and heating devices, anywhere in the world that you have an internet signal!

Use your imagination to create all kinds of sequences: one which automatically switches off downstairs lights and sockets once you have gone to bed or perhaps one that then ensures everything is put into sleep mode when you leave for work. Whilst in your office, use your Smartphone to turn on the heating, or turn your hall lights on for extra security at night.

Timers allow you to set any devices to automatically come on, on a regular or one-off basis. A useful feature as, for example, you could set your lights to come on and off to simulate occupancy if you are on holiday using a ‘random’ function for a more realistic simulation. The Wifi-Link even knows when dawn and dusk is so you can set your outdoor lights to come on automatically when it goes dark!

The easy to use app for PC and Smartphone allows a full range of clever sequences and timers, which can be fully customised. This allows you to create your own fully personalised smart-room system: control heating, lighting, security and many more features when and where you want! This very intuitive, user friendly feature can be set to work in seconds and requires no prior knowledge or expertise.

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