In this category, you will find many examples of internal sliding door systems, enabling either the manual or motorised operation of timber and glass sliding doors. ADS can offer sliding door systems suitable for both wall-mounted and pocket door applications, from completely new installations to the retro conversion of doors already in situ.

The current trend in modern building is to build smaller properties and utilise every square metre. In these situations, a sliding door is a popular door choice. Where opening a hinged door would be tricky and bulky, a sliding door does the same easier and by saving space. Sliding door systems open possibilities for interior design, since they can also be used as movable walls. They offer unlimited possibilities for the diversity of a space, along with enhanced functionality. Our motorised sliding door systems are especially advantageous for disabled and elderly people, allowing handsfree, safe and convenient access.

Whilst many companies are obliged to stick to one product or manufacturer, ADS independently choose the highest quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers. This enables us to offer products and accessories that are ideally suited to meet your unique requirements.

Mantion Sliding Systems

Mantion are a specialised manufacturer of sliding door systems based in France, since 1920.

Featured here below are some examples of the type of systems that Automated Door Systems are able to supply and install to suit your own requirements.

WIDOOR Wooden pocket door

Motorised Pocket Timber Door Kit

WIDOOR INSIDE is a motorised operator for timber pocket doors.

Motorised Face Mounted Door System

Motorised Wall Mounted Timber Door Kit

Motorised sliding door systems for wooden doors. Fits weights up to 100 kg.

WIDOOR INSIDE GLASS pocket door system

Motorised Pocket Glass Door Kit

WIDOOR INSIDE GLASS straight sliding system for 8 mm or 10 mm thickness glass.

WIDOOR GLASS wall mounted sliding doors

Motorised Wall Mounted Glass Door Kit

WIDOOR GLASS is a straight sliding system for 8 mm or 10 mm thickness glass.

Surface mounted soft close sliding door system

Soft Close Sliding Door System

The Soft Close system is ideal for public areas and for giving improved…

TOPP tecnologie del movimento

TOPP are an Italian manufacturer of movement technology products for concealed sliding doors. Automated Door Systems are proud to be an exclusive UK distributor of TOPP automation products.

TOPP V1 Sliding Door Opener

TOPP V1 Sliding Door Opener

The TOPP V1 is a sliding door opener that can be retrofitted to an existing door.

TOPP EB1 Electronic Sliding Door Lock

TOPP EB1 Electronic Sliding Door Locking System

The TOPP EB1 electronic door lock is designed to be installed on an existing interior sliding door.

TOPP TS8 Remote Control Unit

TOPP TS8 Remote Control Unit

Wall mounted radio remote selector with 8-functions. Works in conjunction with the V1 concealed sliding door operator.

TOPP WS2 Microwave Activation Sensor

TOPP WS2 Microwave Activation Sensor

Door activation sensor that utilises microwave technology.

TOPP HS1 Gesture Control Activation Key

TOPP HS1 Gesture Control Activation Key

By moving your hand in front of the unit will activate the sliding door system.