Autoslide Automatic Door Opener

The Autoslide automatic door opener will convert your existing sliding doors and patio doors to open automatically.

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Convert your existing sliding doors and patio doors to open automatically with the Autoslide automatic door opener. When your hands are full it can sometimes be awkward to open a sliding door. However, with the Autoslide door opener this isn’t a problem, as the door slides open whenever you approach the door. The Autoslide allows easy door access for everyone from mums with small children through to wheelchair users. Autoslide does not discriminate!

Autoslide can even be set up to become an automatic pet door opener! Whenever your pet approaches the door or steps on a pressure sensitive mat, a sensor will trigger the door to open automatically. Therefore you no longer have to keep getting up to open the door — especially if you have a dog that barks loudly to be let back inside!

There is no need to buy a new door — your existing door can be converted! The Autoslide sliding door opener can be fitted to the top or bottom of most free running sliding patio doors, screen doors, concealed doors & cavity doors.

Autoslide can be fully integrated with your smart home automation system using a smartphone app or by voice activation units such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Autoslide Features

  • Hands free door opener
  • Convert a patio door to open automatically
  • Easy access for kitchen areas
  • Open or close by remote control or sensor
  • Converts your doors into automatic pet doors!
  • Available in black or white casing
  • 19V low voltage power supply
  • Integrate with your smart home automation system
  • Affordable automation for sliding doors in the home!

Autoslide Automatic Door Opener Video