603 ABK Cordless Phone With Intercom (Keypad Version)


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The 603 ABK is a long range wireless intercom that uses DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). This type of wireless intercom works well where the property entrance is some distance away, such as a gated entrance.

The signal from the transmitter is very powerful and can pass through a single solid concrete, brick or stone wall up to 200 meters away. The total unobstructed range is a staggering 500 meters, with no loss of signal.

Operation of the door release is controlled through the white coloured handset. This is very easy to use – only a single push of a button will allow your visitor access to your property.

The intercom unit is completely weatherproof and has a stainless steel construction with a toughened acrylic trim. The intercom is also fitted with an illuminated keypad and call button for use at night time.

A non-keypad option is also available, for code access.

DECT 603 ABK Features

  • Range of up to 500 meters (unobstructed open field)
  • Working range of 200 meters (through 1 exterior concrete, brick or stone wall)
  • Up to 4 handsets / indoor units per system can be used
  • Stainless steel with toughened gloss acrylic trim
  • Built in voicemail feature for missed callers
  • Make internal calls between handsets
  • Simple setup and install
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty